Be positive, stay positive

“ We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  – Anais Nin


When life is difficult and tough we do sometimes wonder how to be positive? When we are unhappy and unsatisfied, it is very difficult for most of us to remain positive in our thoughts and actions. Sometimes, it is easier to stay negative because many people don’t know how to be positive.



Here are some helpful tips on having a more optimistic outlook in life:

  1. Always find the positive or the optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation. Focus your mind on the good things.
  2. Take all the negative things in your life head on.
  3. When you are in a bad mood, take time to look at beautiful things that surround you.
  4. Get excited about all the possibilities that is coming your way.
  5. Create goals that are attainable. It is best to create smaller or more realistic goals.
  6. When you want to make a positive change, start immediately and stop making excuses.
  7. Take control of your decision.
  8. Choose good over the bad. Limit the amount of negative things that you let into your life.
  9. Give yourself positive affirmations like. “ I am worthy of love.” and “ I deserve to be happy.”
  10. Constantly tell yourself “I can”. And also tell yourself that you will try your hardest and do your best in every situation.
  11. Just focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want.
  12. Every cloud has a silver lining. Try to see the bright side amidst all the turmoil surrounding a situation.
  13. Just avoid comparing yourself to others.
  14. Stop complaining about your own problems. This may likely lead to depression.
  15. Always practice gratitude in your daily life. this may be a great way to get out of the cycle of negative comparison.
  16. Learn to embrace your emotions. Accept the negative as well as the positive emotions that you are feeling for they are natural part of human experience.
  17. Work on improving yourself.
  18. Just start small and don’t feel you have to take on everything at once.
  19. Give yourself time to laugh and enjoy the activities that you love doing.
  20. Live everyday as if it is your last.
  21. Always pay attention on what you need. Take care of yourself first. And then you have plenty of energy, enthusiasm and optimism for others.
  22. Just let go of the things that drain you away.
  23. Always find positive friends.
  24. Learn to chase the rainbow. Go after your dreams in life.
  25. Learn to enjoy the simple things.
  26. Keep a journal and fill it with things that make you smile.
  27. Always plan for down days. Create strategies.
  28. Always get moving.
  29. Laugh
  30. Always view life as a journey. Our life is an adventure of discovery. When we are on a journey, we welcome change and we look forward to new and unfamiliar experiences.

About the Author Matthew Green

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