Using Shakeology for Weight Loss

These days, tons of people are worried about weight loss. This means that a huge number of the weight loss programs have come out on the market. There’s a huge number of them, and they all work to varying degrees. There are some that really and truly help a person lose weight, giving them more energy and a more full feeling overall. however, there are some that are made of nothing more than lies and sawdust.

What are the more popular weight loss programs on the market right now is called Shakeology. What is Shakeology, and how does it work? Is it something that can actually help you lose weight, or is it like so many other diet programs and made out of nothing more than lies and sawdust? And, perhaps most importantly, how much will it cost for you to even give it a shot?

What is Shakeology?

At its most basic, Shakeology is nothing more than diet shakes. There are multiple flavors, and the idea is that instead of eating a full meal you have a Shakeology Shake. This does work for many people, because the Shakeology diet shakes are high enough in calories that I can make you feel full, but not so loaded down with things that it’s just as bad as eating a burger.


However, a diet shake is not the only thing Shakeology actually is. The Shakeology diet shakes are chock full of all sorts of important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. This means that not only will it help replace a full meal, it will actually replace the entire meal. It won’t be quite as filling comma but you will still get your entire nutritional needs met.

What Will it Cost You?

Let us not beat around the bush. Shakeology shakes are expensive. It can cost around $130 for a one month supply of Shakeology diet shakes. And by one month’s supply, what they mean is that you get one shake a day for 30 straight days.

If anyone says that that’s inexpensive, they are lying to you or trying to sell you something. The simple truth is that this is a lot of money to come out of pocket. Which means that if you’re going to buy Shakeology diet shakes, you need to know for certain that they will work. $130 is a perfectly reasonable amount if you know that the diet shakes will help you lose weight. It’s only if they don’t work at all that they’re not worth the money.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that even the tiniest bit. The simple truth is that the Shakeology diet shakes will help you lose weight, provided you use them correctly. It can be incredibly difficult to replace an entire meal was one milkshake. Anyone who tells you that it isn’t probably hasn’t tried to do it.

But if it’s going to be done, it can be done with Shakeology diet Shake. This is because the combination of fantastic flavors that Shakeology offers, such as strawberry, Green Valley, and the traditional chocolate and vanilla, plus the fact that it’s a high-calorie shake, plus the fact that it’s chock-full of important vitamins and minerals, helps ensure that it will replace meals the way it promises it will.

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Lose Weight on a High Carbohydrate Diet

Here is a simple way to demonstrate this fact. Think about the vegetarians you know, are there any overweight problems among them? The high protein diets rely on a lot of animal fats and proteins, but these vegetarians don’t eat them.  Startling indeed,isn’t it?    Maybe you don’t know any vegetarians. They certainly are hard to find, especially in the Midwest, where I live.

older-male-doctor-looking-at-man-in-front-of-himYou may wonder about the science involved here. After all, many of those folks promoting the low carb diets are medical doctors, aren’t they? Being a medical doctor doesn’t mean that you don’t ever make any mistakes.  Besides, the same science that supports the low carb diet also supports the high carb diet. They didn’t get it wrong, they just didn’t consider the whole  story.

That might sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t. I’m going to explain why in just a moment. Fist, let me give you the science on this. You most likely are not a biochemist or a physiologist and neither am I.  But I have studied the subjects a bit. Don’t focus on the technical jargon in the next paragraph, just try to grasp the overall point. You don’t need to be a scientist to use common sense and basic reasoning skills.

How does it work?

Consider this bit of biochemistry.  Malonyl -CoA exists in high amounts when there is plenty of metabolic fuel present.  Thus, carnitine acyltransferase is inhibited and this in turn prevents acyl-CoA from crossing into the cell s mitochondria. Another enzyme is inhibited by the presence of NADH and Thiolase is also inhibited by the presence of Acetyl-COA.  In short, when a lot of glucose is present, fatty acid metabolism is inhibited.f1-large

It is the last sentence that clues us in here. Basically, a  cell will not convert fats into energy if there is glucose present. When the cell has carbs and sugar to work on, it will not convert the fat to energy, thus the fat gets stored.

This is why the low carb diets work, with little to zero  carbohydrates and subsequently glucose to work on, the fat will be used for energy. This is exactly why the high carb diet works too. When no or little fat is present, it won’t be stored as fat.

In addition to this, it is important to realize that it costs the body quite a bit of energy to take carbs and store them as fat. This alone is actually a positive. There really needs to be some form of fat present to make it easier.

Don’t mix fats and carbs

This should help you understand that whatever your diet consists of, if you want to remain or get thin, you need to avoid mixing fats and carbs together. A fat consists of a fatty acid head and a carbohydrate tail. This means when you mix your fat and carbs together you are asking for trouble, assuming you care about weight, that is.

So now it should be clear why so many people in North America have a weight problem as the NIH was happy to point out a few weeks ago. Think about the typical American diet. It generally consists of lots of combinations of fat and carbs.

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